About aidocr

With aidocr you are going to safe countless hours. It will make you 1000x smarter and 5x more productive.

  • Our Mission

    We aim to make aidocr the top B2B AI search, knowledge, and automation assistant. Our goal is to be the go-to, reliable resource for enterprise information, offering deep and well-thought-out solutions. We guide companies in AI digitalization, unlocking their data's full potential,

  • Our Solution

    Enterprise data is often unstructured but encompass a broad spectrum of valuable information, including manuals, requirements, quality management, business processes, standard operating procedures, instructions, contracts, and other pertinent business data. The primary objective of aidocr goes beyond mere interaction with this information. It aims to locate, cite, extract, combine, create, analyze, summarize, and automate data, to uncover knowledge that is hidden inside these documents.

Aidocr Team

The challenge

What are the challenges and why all results in reduced workforce, huge efficiencies and less productivity? Because creating, maintaining and understanding information is the most time consuming task in the business environment.

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    Information overflow

    Co- workers spend hours every day reading documents and comprehending information.

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    So much to read

    Reading and translating text from and into various languages takes a lot of time.

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    Too much documents

    Analyzing documents and information across multiple sources and versions is confusing.

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    Knowledge drain

    Inactive documents, that lead to knowledge drain.

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    Unstructured data

    Almost impossible to automated processes and workflows due to unstructured data.

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    Reduced productivity

    All result in a massive reduced work efficiency and productivity.

Test your AI readiness


Would you like to test your company's AI readiness towards AI adoption? We have prepared short survey for you. When completed we will be sending you a free custom made analysis to gauge where you at with action points that can be take to improve.

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The solution

How to overcome challenges using aidocr

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    Skyrocket productivity

    Improve document processing and content generation to enhance productivity. Interconnect data sources to streamline data flows and distribution of information.

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    Elevate your data through AI

    Extract, combine, compare, analyze, interpret, classify and summarize your data to improve and speed up the creation of insights.

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    Increase process efficiency

    Create AI agents to build fully automated and context aware end-to-end processes and workflows.

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    Get answers you trust

    Every outcome of aidocr is 100% evidence based. Aidocr provides the sources and additionally highlights the exact information. Free of Hallucinations.

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    All data at your fingertips

    Find all relevant documents without knowing the exact filenames or location in a matter of seconds with the help of AI algorithms.

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    Enhance customer satisfaction

    Improve customer interfacing and communication through semantic interpretation and automated replies of any unstructured data.


Locate, citate, extract, analyse combine, summarize or create

Aidocr Laptop

Supercharge your access and interaction with data, revolutionizing the way you work with aidocr’s AI

Connect to your data

We are constantly extending the range of integrations, file formats and contectors

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    Upload your data via Aidocr’s webapp and keep track of your information. From single files to many folders, it’s just click.

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    Connect to your GoogleDrive and let aidocr do the data synchronisation automatically.

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    Connect to your Microsoft 365 OneDrive or Sharepoint and let aidocr taking care of your knowledge and files repositories.

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    Connect your E-mail account, regardless of your provider and use aidocr to finally enlighten them.

Interact with your files

Aidocr supports all important file types for your office work. With the best-in-class form recognizer, aidocr ensures that all info from tables, charts, images, and scanned documents are interpreted in highest quality. Here are some examples.

  • Rtf


  • Doc


  • Xls


  • Ppt


  • Cvs


  • Ocr

    Scanned and hand written docs

  • Db

    Databases on request

Create workflows

Create and automated AI agent based processes with any un/structured company data


No code design of automated task from

  • Un/structured data
  • Different file formats, sources, file locations

Design processes with JSON to describe

  • Most complex scenarios and workflows
  • Classifications, sorting and more
  • Semantic recognition, contextual interpretation

Use aidocr's API endpoints

  • To connect to your custom software and tools


Offering faster workflows, better informed decisions and turbocharged productivity

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    Individual dashboard

    Clear and simple dashboard. Pin your most important information and conversations. Aidocr appearance can be white labled for enterprises needs.

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    AI document search

    Find all relevant documents without knowing the exact question from otherwise lost information with our revolutionary AI document search approach.

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    Interact with your information

    Extract, combine, compare, analyze, and summarize information within seconds. Aidocr provides best in class analysis performance made for the most demanding professionals and B2B customers.

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    AI tag and meta generation

    Aidocr creates searchable document tags, summaries, and other meta data for every document, automatically. All is done by aidocr’s AI and not your fingers.

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    Truly multilingual

    We asked a poorly scanned Japanese document in English to provide the answer in Arabic. Aidocr supports +100 languages across the globe.

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    Mobile app

    Hands free! Our mobile app listens to user voice input and speaks +45 languages and dialects. Made for mobile workforces that need answers to urgent questions, without taking and searching piles of documents.

Uncompromised in every way

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of customer data and AI information

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    Security on private cloud or premise

    We use 256 Bit encryption on our enterprise grade data rooms and SSL encryption on moving data.

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    Limitless interaction

    Interact with any size and number of data, precisely and free of hallucinations.

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    Control team access to files

    Aidocr allows to limit access to documents on individual or team basis for enterprises.

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    Single sign on

    Aidocr uses SSO to keep passwords within common identity provider.

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    EU data protection and privacy

    Our cloud and incident recovery servers are running and under Swiss and German privacy / data protection laws.

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    Security build in by default

    Our privacy and security program is aligned with industry-leading standards such as SOC 2 or ISO 27001.

What is the difference ?

Aidocr is the one stop shop for supporting organizations in its AI digitization endeavors

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    Quality of product and micro services

    Aidocr is simple and efficient, totally transparent and cost effective, and provides the best-in-class quality towards knowledge generation and AI results.

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    Agents and automated workflows

    Create and run automated workflows to massively increase automation of unstructured data and possibility of individual API endpoints.

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    Agnostic towards LLMs

    Aidocr integrated industry leading LLMs like GPT 3.5/4.0, or Llama 2, and more to make use of the most suitable solutions available.

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    Build with companies needs in mind

    We’ve implemented mechanisms to guarantee downwards combability against updates that prevents clients from unnecessary redoes and knowledge loss.

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    Flexible implementation

    All clients are different, some need consulting 1st, other small customization, process and prompt design. Aidocr got all covered and is the one stop shop for all the AI digitization endeavors.

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    Build around cost savings

    We built aidocr to be cost-sensitive for enterprise customers by optimizing the way tokens and other resources are used, including detailed cost tracking.

Your Data, Our Priority


Uncompromising Data Protection and Privacy.
Backed by Swiss-Made Precision and EU Compliance.

Streamlined for success

For professionals

For professionals

Wether you are a researcher, professional, freelancer or small business. We got you covered. Supercharge your work with aidocr. Effortlessly understand textbooks, handouts, and other documents. Streamline your work process. Simplify your workflow, excel your projects and unlock your potential today.

For businesses

For businesses

Analyze your business documents efficiently with aidocr. From financial reports to project proposals, training manuals, processes and legal contracts, our tool quickly provides you with the information you need in seconds. Streamline your document analysis and make informed decisions.

For enterprises

For enterprises

Looking for a custom, white label, all you can eat solution, integrated into your sharepoint or other document management system? You also think about dashbords or mobile apps were your wokforce can get answers about manuals or instructions hands free. Call us, let us discuss on how to integrate Aidocr.

Book a meeting

Book a meeting

We love to hear from you and tell you all about our solution. If you have any question about how to run it on your company data, itegrate it to your infrastucture or to test special and automated cases, feel free to reach out.

Book a meeting Book a meeting

Frequently asked questions

We know, before you even think of spending your valuable time testing our product, we would like to answer you the most important question, that you may ask yourself at the moment.

Are my document files and data safe and secure ?
With confidence, as a Swiss company, we prioritize data privacy and information security, making us an ideal choice. We proudly adhere to European Union Data and compliance standards. Your valuable data is securely stored and safeguarded within our cloud premises located in Switzerland or Germany. We use 256 Bit encryption on our enterprise grade data rooms and SSL encryption on moving data. As enterprise client you will additionally be also able to run aidocr at your clould premise.
Will my data be distributed to other 3rd parties ?
Absolutely not! You retain complete ownership of your data and its insights. We guarantee that no information will be exchanged with any third parties, whether it pertains to documents or personal information. Rest assured that your data is inaccessible to any other clients or to us. We comply with the ISO 27001 standard.
What is the pricing of aidocr ?
Aidocr provides a complimentary test drive (prove of concept) in our aidocr cloud environment, granting you access to explore all its features. For businesses or enterprise-level organizations interested in buying aidocr services, please contact us directly for a customized offering tailored to your specific requirements
Can aidocr speak and understand other languages ?
Absolutely. Aidocr provides impressive multilingual capabilities, allowing you to interact in diverse languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and many more. With Aidocr's extensive language integration, you can effortlessly receive accurate responses in any of our 100 supported languages.
Does aidocr have the ability to comprehend tables, images and scanned documents?
Indeed we are using best-in-class recognizer. aidocr possesses advanced comprehension of tables, allowing you to efficiently summarize table data across various documents. Its capabilities extend further to include the understanding of scanned documents, encompassing images containing text and tables. However, it is important to note that aidocr does not currently support image recognition for specific objects, such as identifying a "dog" within an image. Nevertheless, we are actively working on expanding its functionalities to include more capabilities in the future.
What is the cancellation policy?
You may cancel your subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, you will maintain access to your data until the end of the current 30-day billing period. Following this period, all of your documents and personal information will be automatically and securely deleted.
Can I chat with multiple documents at once in one chat?
Yes you can! Aidocr will assist you in searching and finding all neccessaryfiles and info across all of your documents. It provides you with all citations that are included in the generated answers, so you can be asured that no incorrect information will be returned.
Is it possible to upload multiple documents simultaneously?
Certainly. Aidocr allows you to upload multiple documents at once, including entire folder structures. Furthermore, you can connect cloud folder through our could connectors such es GoogleDrive.
Where can I report bugs?
We highly value your feedback. If you are an individual subscriber, please feel free to reach out to us via email at support(at)investife.com to report any bugs or issues you encounter. For our esteemed business or enterprise clients, we encourage you to directly contact your dedicated aidocr customer success manager for bug reporting and resolution.


We would love to here from you. Feel free to contact us.
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